The team behind


Region Managers

Region Managers are in charge of adding new accounts and players on the website, as well as updating the teams and fixing mistakes.

Calynwar Calynwar

Head of Italy

Click Click

Head of CIS

Conjo Conjo

Head of Benelux


Head of Spain

Kaelegrisen Kaelegrisen

Head of Nordic

Kayvaan Kayvaan

Head of France

Leviathan Leviathan

Head of Balkans

Lewus Lewus

Polish Contributor

Ludigite Ludigite

Swiss Contributor

Navy Navy

Head of Poland

OfficerNaughty OfficerNaughty

UK Contributor

Ragaga Ragaga

Head of Baltic

Sleet Sleet

Head of DACH

Smeagol Smeagol

Head of UK

Thrust Thrust

Head of CZ/SK

Tunç Demirçelik Tunç Demirçelik

Head of Turkey

Graphic Design & Social Media

They are in charge of our announcements and all the pretty pictures you can see on them.

Crowfalls Crowfalls

Graphic Designer

Rae Rae

Social Media Manager

Brandoni0B Brandoni0B

Discord Moderator